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At the end of 1996 Federal Council Ruth Dreifuss commissioned the Swiss Academy of Sciences (scnat) to establish an advisory body on climate change (Organe consultatif sur les changements climatiques, OcCC).

In 2013 the mandate was revised and the OcCC has been assigned the role of a climate advisory board to the ETEC. The OcCC is formed by a committee consisting of 9 persons and a pool of experts. The experts are involved for answering concrete questions or for assembling appropriate working groups. The pool of experts consists of the network of researchers integrated by ProClim-, Forum for Climate and Global Change of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. ProClim- is headed by the ProClim- steering committee. On the basis of already existing synergies, the secretariat of the OcCC is run by ProClim-.

  The General Secretariat of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (ETEC) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) monitor the work of the OcCC. The scope is to focus on research results with relevance for Switzerland, to discuss problems and solutions and to formulate position statements and recommendations for the attention of the Federal Administration.


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Mandate of OcCC


In contrast to former mandates the OcCC will not only provide scientific facts but its task is rather


  • to foresee new and relevant themes regarding climate policy, taking the role of a independent think tank;
  • to critically assess the implementation of climate policy;
  • to coordinate climate policy with related political fields, such as the energy strategy 2050 or green economics;
  • to accompany the process of societal change towards a low emission society; and
  • to show solutions regarding potential conflicts of objectives, particularly in the relatively new field of adaptation to climate change.


The current mandate runs from 2013 to 2017.



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Dr. Christoph Kull
Schwarztorstrasse 9
3007 Berne
Tel. (+41 31) 328 23 23
Fax. (+41 31) 328 23 20
E-mail: occc@scnat.ch

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