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Climate change is a fact - and now?
The IPCC report and its consequences for Switzerland

This report synthesizes the outcome of the recent IPCC report and presents its relevance for Switzerland. Needed measures and options to help politics, economy and society to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change are also presented.

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The report is available in print (in German, from november also in French).
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Climate Change and Switzerland 2050
Impacts on Environment, Society and Economy

Report published by OcCC in collaboration with ProClim-

The report describes possible impacts of climate change on Switzerland due to the emission of greenhouse gases that are to be expected up to the year 2050. The potential impacts on various areas are discussed, as well as measures and strategies to adapt to the expected changes. In particular, the report considers the following areas: land ecosystems, agriculture, water management, health, tourism, energy, buildings and infrastructure, urban Switzerland and insurance.

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Heatwave 2003
Research has shown that the heatwave in 2003 had an impact on health as well as ecological and economical consequences. This report summarises the most important effects on Switzerland.

Extreme Events and Climate Change
In the recent past a number of extreme events have caused substantial damage in Central Europe. The question arises whether such events have become more frequent and more destructive as a result of climate change? In its latest report, the Advisory Board on Climate Change (OcCC) reviews the current status of knowledge about the relationship between extreme events in Switzerland and global climate change. The report was presented to the public at a press conference in September 2003.


Climate Change in Switzerland

A summary of the most important results of the IPCC Third Assessment Report from a Swiss perspective is now available in both French and German. The report was presented to the public at a press conference in May 2002.

Le climat change, en Suisse aussi (french version / 452 kB / 48 pages)
Das Klima ändert – auch in der Schweiz (german version / 456 kB / 48 pages)

Climate Change 2001:
The Summaries for Policymakers are now available in German.
- Table of Contents [ PDF 28 kB ]
- Synthesis Report [ PDF 1.3 MB ]
- Scientific Basis (WG I) [ PDF 455 kB ]
- Impacts, Adaptations and Vulnerability (WG II) [ PDF 386 kB ]
- Mitigation (WG III) [ PDF 413 kB ]
- Glossary [ PDF 315 kB ]

The report is available in print for 10.- SFr.
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Secondary Benefits of Greenhouse Gas Reduction
The reduction of greenhous gas emissions is often linked to further advantages and disadvantages. The secondary benefits which affect the sectors economy, health, ecology/environment and technology were discussed at a workshop in late 1999. The workshop and synthesis reports were presented to the public in August 2000.

Synthesis Report (in english / 422 kB / 40 Seiten)
Workshop Report (german only / 400 kB / 56 Seiten)

Droughts in Switzerland
Due to its large water resources and an abundance of precipitation in the Alps, Switzerland is considered less vulnerable to droughts than other European countries. An increase in the number and intensity of droughts due to climate change is considered as a minor problem. Nevertheless, a workshop on 'Droughts in Switzerland' was held in spring 2000, and a report was published.

Rapport de l'atelier (french version / 162 kB / 17 pages)
Workshopbericht (german version162 kB / 17 Seiten)
Appendix (german only / 744 kB / 34 Seiten)

Research Requirements and Foci in Agriculture
Since agriculture is responsible for a substantial part of greenhouse gas emissions, a working group of the OcCC considers research in the field of climate-atmosphere-agriculture to be of great importance. It recommends to promote the already existing Swiss expertise in the field of atmosphere-climate-agriculture by providing optimal framework conditions as well as the necessary material and personnel support for the future.

Forschungsbedarf und Forschungsschwerpunkte in der Landwirtschaft (German only)

Climate Change in Switzerland: Situation following the Conclusion of NRP31
After the conclusion of the NRP31 the OcCC directs an urgent call for action to politics and research to minimize the negative effects of climate change in the future.

Climate Change in Switzerland: Situation following...(English | Italian)

Effects of Extreme Precipitation Events
As a consequence of global climate change the hydrological cycle is expected to intensify. Climate models predict a further increase in precipitation in Switzerland during winter, which is likely to increase the flood risk, especially if the snow line rises simultaneously due to global warming.

Effects of Extreme Precipitation Events (1.3 MB / 32 pages)

Perspectives of Swiss Climate Research
What are the perspectives of Swiss climate and global change research after the completion of NRP 31 and the expiry of SPP 'Environment' in 1999? The OcCC suggests measures that ensure the participation of Swiss scientists in climate and global change research at the highest international level.

Perspectives of Swiss Climate Research